Tie-in of 40 mil LLDPE liner for NHIS cell expansion.
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If you want to participate in the Non-hazardous Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Program at the SMRL, here is what you need to do:

  • Submit a Request for Quotation. This will enable CCRRI staff to work with the generator to accurately profile the material for acceptance and also provide information for pricing.
  • Complete a Generator Waste Profile and credit application. A duly authorized representative of the generator must sign with an original signature on file prior to disposal. No NHIS can be accepted without this form completed and fully executed.
  • Submit a (minimum of one) complete set of Analytical Testing Data (see requirements). Analytical results on the NHIS material cannot be older than six months and must be compiled by a California State Certified Hazardous Material Laboratory.

If the generator obtains new information during the course of the review, or if you find you need to make changes to the profile, only the generator can make the changes. CCRRI cannot make any changes to the profile.

CCRRI will respond to your request as soon as the review of all information is complete. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, it is important that all data and lab reports be included with the initial submittal.

A Confirmation Letter will be sent to the generator upon completion of the review of the profile. This letter will include a Confirmation Number that will be written on all SMRL Bills of Lading, which will be supplied to the generator.

Delivery of the NHIS must be scheduled in advance with CCRRI.

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