Santa Barbara County Grand Jury:  Win-Win for Santa Maria

The 2007-2008 Santa Barbara County Civil Grand Jury investigated the NHIS program, including public safety, environmental impacts, financial arrangements, and legal issues.  In all respects, the conclusion was that the NHIS program is safe, legal, and profitable.  Click here to see the report.


Environmental Responsibility Award 2005

CCRRI in partnership with the City of Santa Maria received the 2005 Environmental Responsibility Award by the San Diego Industrial Environmental Association. The NHIS program is an excellent example of cooperative efforts between industry and government to solve a complicated landfill closure issue. Our program offers a solution whereby government, private industry and oil companies all benefit.

Helen Putnam Award 2005

The following is the statement from the 2005 Helen Putnam Awards announcement.

"The NHIS Program turned two environmentally sensitive liabilities into an innovative community asset by facilitating the construction of a new state-of-the-art solid waste disposal cell for refuse; accelerating the schedule to close the unlined portion of the City landfill; aiding in the mitigation of groundwater contamination; facilitating a locally controlled cleanup of thousands of acres of privately owned range land; saving the City millions of dollars in capital expenses and allowing for the deferral of rate increases; and providing the City an opportunity to convert 68 acres of a closed landfill site to an outdoor sports/recreation venue."

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