What We Do

Central Coast Remedial Resources, Inc. specializes in landfilling non-hazardous contaminated property. CCRRI presently has a long term agreement to operate the City of Santa Maria’s Non-Hazardous Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil (NHIS) Program located at the Santa Maria Regional Landfill. (SMRL)

Leachate collection tanks for temporary storage of leachate waste from NHIS cells.

Acceptable NHIS materials primarily are soils from oil field sumps, tank farm locations, pipeline leaks, or petroleum product spills.

Use of NHIS at the SMRL is consistent with requirements included in Title 27 of the California Code of Regulations and has been approved and is regulated by the California Integrated Waste Management Board and the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Our Services include:

  • Excavation of NHIS material at the generator site
  • Loading NHIS into trucks
  • Transporting NHIS to the landfill
  • Compaction and placement of NHIS with Global Positioning System (GPS) Coordinates. GPS coordinates are maintained for location verification purposes with each Generator file
  • Providing clean backfill material via back haul to the generator site

Advantages of the SMRL NHIS Program

Unloading of material from trucks at NHIS cell pad

SMRL is a fully permitted, licensed, contained and audited government operated wastedisposal site with a comprehensive waste screening and data management program. The SMRL has been operating successfully for 50 years, with a long history of environmental compliance.

The SMRL is capable of handling both small and large quantities all year round.

Acceptable NHIS is utilized as a resource, not a waste, by providing the foundation layer material for the landfill closure plan. All NHIS is placed on an engineered LLDPE liner over a leachate collection system. This NHIS foundation layer provides a sub-layer for the final cover of the landfill and will eventually be capped in accordance with final landfill closure requirements.

A Bill of Lading is used for record keeping and a Certificate of Beneficial Reuse is offered. A hazardous waste manifest is not required. Competitive pricing is available and quantity discounts are considered.

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